Dan Apple Valley, CA….These Guys Fixed Both my KX155 and my KX170B in my Skyhawk .Both radios are now working perfectly….I just flew cross country recently and its wonderful having proper working comms .  Fantastic Service AAA+

Richard Karpinski  Las Vegas, NV- thanks so very much, radio is working great!

Ramona Spruce     San Diego, CA     I really liked the Video of my radio being fixed… these guys know what they are doing. Thanks a Bunch Guys

J. Hernandez  Los Angeles, CA      I sent in my radio and was actually able to call and speak to the head technician …Great work here….Highly Recommended!

Steve Brown  Dallas, Tx      They got me back flying in no time. Made my wife  very happy…

Jason Wong   Rochester, NY    I had a tough time finding someone who still works on the king radios,  Glad I found them everything went smooth.

Dr. Richard Denton    San Francisco , CA    I fly my skylane to Sacramento and back 4 times a week, I had problem with my radio that my local shop could not figure out, I sent it in and got it back in a week working great. These guys are Pros !

Brian Mercer  Spokane ,WA    I was quoted  $1750 by another shop to repair my KX165A  , I was able to get it fixed for under  $900 with great results. Thanks!  



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