Nobody can tell you if a radio  is repairable until its checked out by QUALIFIED TECHNICIANS in a PROPERLY EQUIPPED LAB

We use Hewlett Packard and Tektronix Test Equipment to properly Test and Align your Radio…..!


The Antenna ,Intercom, audio panel, headset, microphone and all connections are part of the overall system…double check these in your aircraft if possible.

Usually the easiest way to check this is to try a known working radio of the same model and voltage….ie, try a fellow pilots radio in your aircraft….. MAKE SURE ITS THE SAME MODEL and VOLTAGE WHICH IS STAMPED ON THE REAR OF THE RADIO….. ie 14V or 28V

Our Technicians have the FCC Radio Telephone License and  are authorized by the Federal Communications Commission to work on radios including their transmitter portion. We are Not an FAA repair station.

It is your responsibility to meet any requirements to keep your airplane “legal”.

 My radio works in another plane but not in mine — what could be wrong? —

A. Microphone or headset connection…usually cleaning your plugs and Jacks will fix this Problem

B. Antenna, or the Coax Cable between Radio Rack and Antenna…this problem will require your FBO or Avionics shop to check.

Please make sure the radio is the problem and not the Aircraft…Rack or Antenna System…. before you send it to us for repair……..Thank You!

….WE HAVE A MINIMUM LAB SERVICE/ESTIMATE  FEE OF 100.00 plus Return Shipping Fee of 49.00  on any radio we find is already WORKING PROPERLY or…NOT REPAIRABLE at reasonable cost. IT TAKES VALUABLE LAB TIME TO PROPERLY CHECK A RADIO. THANK YOU !

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